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100's of files - "Unable to open" message after scan

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I am a basic user with minimal PC knowledge.  No geek in my name.  Using windows 10, and eset smart security.  scan is successful but there are hundreds of files that show "unable to open.  Many files have cryto, panther, machine keys,  names in their title and it makes me nervous I may have a bug that copies key strokes or some threat along that line.

Can anyone shed light on this for this PC dummy?



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Do not disable SSL filtering or ESET won't be able to filter malicious https addresses. It is pretty normal that quite a lot of files cannot be scanned; they are either exclusively used by the operating system or you don't have permissions to access them even if the scan is run under an elevated administrator account.

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2 hours ago, Teah said:

I can understand a precent. On an elevated account i cant open any even running in administrator mode:


As mentioned by Marcos some may not get scanned even when scanning as an administrator. They could be in use, windows protected files, password protect or damaged. This article may explain it a little more https://support.eset.com/kb2155/?locale=en_US

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