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"Email & Antispam Nonfunctional" client warning


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We do not need to use these functions of Endpoint Security (we run a server-side SaaS Reflexion) that does this for the client, so I disabled these in the policy. But now every client has a security alert warning that I can not seem to remove. We have noticed that the ESET plugin for Outlook 2016 caused some clients to not be able to connect to our Exchange server so we decided to disable that function via policy (Outlook is the only email client allowed).


Is there a way to remove these warnings without having to enable those functions? Am I missing a control button somewhere?

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1, It's a good practice to have a 2nd opinion scanner on clients since there's no security solution that would detect 100% of threats. A threat that a particular AV misses may be detected by the other and vice-versa.

2, If you disabled email plug-in integration, you can suppress notifications in the advanced setup -> user interface -> application statuses.

3, As for the issue connecting to the Exchange server, make sure that you use the very latest version 6 of Endpoint that is downloadable from ESET's website. Also make sure that cached Exchange mode is enabled.

4, With ESET Security Management Center (ERA v7) and Dynamic Threat Defense, email protection will play even more important role in protecting users from threats coming via email.

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