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migration tool to go to v5 to v6

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i am trying to update our remote console adminstrator v5 to v6...i have tried to install the migration tool but it is not working...i followed the steps to install Microsoft visual c++ 2010 x86 but it is

telling that i have a newer version than this one...

so what should i do to resolve this please?



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dont use the migration tool. what you can do is leave 1 ENDPOINT V5 or ESET FILE Security 4.5 system up and deploy the ERA 6.x agent to it. After it checks in then go into configuration from the details and do "request configuration". Do a couple wake up calls and then it will appear. Once it shows in the configuration area then click "convert into policy". You can now create master policies for endpoints and servers and keep your previous configuration. Be aware that if you were using the Mirror update to go into the update section and turn that off otherwise they will not update. If you are not using 500 nodes are more you do not need caching proxy. 

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