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Firewall rule with no application path but only application name


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In our company we have about 100 users which each one has more than one installations in his pc of a specific application (appname.exe) and in many different paths.

For example one user has C:\appfolder\appname.exe , C:\apps\appfolder\appname.exe, C:\apps\a1\appfolder\appname.exe  a second one has  C:\Appfolder\appname.exe and so on.

So insted of 100+ rules for appname.exe we want to make only one firewall rule that includes all the above cases.



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maybe the software is using a special port which you can block? i have seen no function to block only a process in eset firewall rules without the absolute path to the process

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Rules require a full path to an application. If they were based just on file names, one could enter "svchost.exe" for instance but since it's a typical name of malware it would also allow the communication for both the system and malicious processes.

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If the same application exists in 400 different places 400 rules is not a manageable solution to use paths.

Is it possible to identify the executable via hashing or something similar?


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