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A used license?


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It's almost time to renew my license and I ran across a license I have that very well might already be used, but I'm not 100% sure.

I am curious what message will/would be displayed if it has already been used? I'm not overly concerned as I have a few spares (Cyber Monday deals from last year or so).

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8 minutes ago, cyberhash said:

If memory serves me correctly it will just say "Invalid username/password" :ph34r:

That's what I was thinking....I usually mark them with a used date (why I hang on to the used ones I have no clue :wacko: as I'm at that stage in life when it's time to get rid of things).
Some how I missed this one or may have gave/gifted it to someone.

Thanks CH.

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You could also test it out using the License Manager on myESET, you can add it, see the expiry date and see if there are any devices using it at the moment. I'm unsure if adding it 'activates' or 'starts the clock', so if you wanted to preserve it, I would add it on the day you want to start using it.


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