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HTML/Scrinject.B.Gen virus false positive?


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Dear Eset Support Team

I am trying to access my website : www.moso-perfume.com but ESET is blocking the address and say :The web page is on the list of websites with potentially dangerous content.
I am the one who is responsible to this website , may i know what is the dangerous content in my website in order to let visitors who use ESET to be able to visit my website.
Thank You
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2 hours ago, finderos47 said:

Hello, I believe the website hxxps://verumoption.com is being blocked mistakenly.

I don't get any block when opening the website. You can submit it for a review as per the instructions at http://support.eset.com/kb141/ and include a screen shot of the alert that you're getting (with the IP address unhidden).

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