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DeviceControl USB-Stick Serial Numbers

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Hi all,

i'm testing DeviceControl for the first time at a bigger site and we tried to whitelist a bunch of usb-sticks.

The Problem was: The same stick gets different Serial-Numbers on two similar computers. On one of them sees about half the length than on the other. We had Sandisk-Sticks that work well on my Laptop.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance!

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Hi Christian,

I'm setting up Device Control myself and have not noticed this issue myself. Have you seen this by locally connecting it to two different PCs, go into device control and click populate, and a different serial is shown?

It may be useful for you to show us a screenshot of the auto populated detected device, when entering the USB on two different PCs. I think the easiest way to do this is go to ESET Endpoint AV > Setup > Device Control > Groups <Edit> and then click Populate. This will show you the vendor, model and serial.

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Hi qwerty,

i tested it by setting up an "warn" rule for any usb-storage-device. When plugged in EEA shows the device info. On most PCs i saw the correct serial, on at least one i got a too short serial.

The problem occured at a customer site and i will go there for further testing on wednesday. Before that i wanted to ask here for any known-problems. I will also have a look a the "populate" button, maybe it just shows different infos. Thanks for your help!


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