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questions after downloading EIS 11

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I just just paid - renewed - my ESS - now EIS renewal fee.

Q. - 1  - i was told (via eset Chat) to pay the amt - which i did online.  I was than told to uninstall eis-10, which i did.  I was than told to download installer, which i did.  Why was i unable to just renew?  Why the uninstall before the installer "install" AFTER i had paid was not in my possession.

Q. - 2 - i am doing an in depth scan - it is 2 hhrs &  going - done about about 375,000 files - and each file says "unable to open" - IN RED.  Looks like a long scan.  I asked for the scan myself - was not hte automatic one that comes with a download.

Q. - 3 -Can i set up eset so that t-Bird can be scanned?

Q. - 4 - Under "advanceed setup/web & email/email client protection - threat sense paremeters" - i am given 2 names never heard of before  -  DBX   and   EML.  What do these mean - should i chek them?

Q. - 5-  What are advanced eset  CMD commands?

Q. - 6 -I notice a box in eset window where it says i can drop & scan.  How do i get files into the box to be scanned?

Q. - 7 - Which should i use - smart mode or automatic mode?

I enjoy eset - in particular the options (enable disable live grid).  In the past, i liked it for the ease of install & setup, but it has been a bear this time.  I still don't know why i was unable to upgrade to ver. 11 without the un / install procedure.  I went up to the various updated versions of #10 in the past - why not to V. 11?

Appreciate some answers - i am not a wiseman geek - however, i use eset because they allow me to think on my own, & help me in the process.


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1, Uninstallation of an older version is not needed unless you experience issues during or after upgrade. Installation over an older version is fully supported.

2, The number of scanned files and the total scan time depends on many variables, such as the number of files on disks, the type and size of files (e.g. large archives could take long to get scanned), cpu utilization by other processes and system, permissions of the user, etc.

Even if you run a scan as an elevated administrator, there are still plenty of files exclusively used by the operating system that other applications cannot access.

3, ESET does not support Thunderbird in terms of a plug-in that would integrate into it. However, any email received via POP3(S) or IMAP(S) is scanned regardless of the email client.

4, DBX - Email database used by Outlook Express. EML - a standard format for storing particular emails. I'd strongly recommend using default settings unless you need to resolve or work around a particular issue and you know what you are doing.

5, They are intended to be used by ERA or another SIEM to perform certain tasks with Endpoint.

6, Simply drag and drop a file or folder to the box to have it scanned.

7, Probably you are inquiring about HIPS. Use Smart mode if you are able to correctly respond to occasional prompts when a specific suspicious behavior is detected. I'd suggest using default settings which provide the best balance between protection, performance and user-experience.


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Thank you Marcos.  You are very good at your work, & i appreciate that.

I'll phone support later, as now they claim that my email address is not valid!!  I think a lot of this happened when i was told by chat page to uninstall 10 - - install 11.

I ordered a CD to be mailed to me - V. 11.  Q. - If i uninstall V. 11, will this CD allow me to re-install?  I think a lot of my teoubles were - 3 PCs - each with a different license of eset.  (one is Nod32 - other 2 are EIS).  What i installed/downloaded was a multi device license.  i have not put eset 11 onto other PC with EIS until bugs straightened out.

Thanks for good support - i wish there were 10 of you - chat, phone, etc, :) 


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