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Patience and Wait and Frustrations. My False Positive case pending since 12 Months.


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Hello Eset Team, 


I am sorry to write my case here. Why I am doing this because I am still waiting for a professional reply from the Eset. I have tried all the channels to approach but never got a satisfactory reply.


My problem is that Eset Nod 32 & Eset Internet Security are detecting our company's software as threat/adware. 


We are 100% sure that this detection is a mistake and we are hopeful that by writing here we may find some solace. 


Here are the facts about our software:


  • Our software named R E G I N O U T  is detected by ESET as a variant of Win32/Adware. Website is also blocked. We believe this detection is incorrect.
  • The software follows Google's software principles. 
  • The software is published with Verisign digital certificate. 
  • The software is tested and uploaded by Cnet, Tucows, Softonic, Softpedia and all reputable downloading websites. 
  • Our company is an Intel Software Partner and the software is also certified and tested for Windows 8 through Microsoft's tools. 
  • Our software is also listed on Microsoft Pinpoint. 
  • Our website is secured with Norton to make sure we provide the best security to the visitors of our website. 
  • We have never used our software for distributing any toolbars, bunndled softwares, etc. We have always refrained from such activities. 


The Problem:


Despite all these facts Eset is detecting R E G I N O U T  as a variant of Win32/Adware. I seek nothing but a professional reply that why is our software being labeled as a threat when we are clean?




I request the forum moderators to not delete this topic. I also request them to help me solve this problem. Please do not suggest to email eset to fix this problem. I am not getting replies from them. 



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Adware is not defined as a kind of malware:

Adware: A type of Advertising Display Software, specifically certain executable applications whose primary purpose is to deliver advertising content potentially in a manner or context that may be unexpected and unwanted by users. Many adware applications also perform tracking functions, and therefore may also be categorized as Tracking Technologies. Some consumers may want to remove Adware if they object to such tracking, do not wish to see the advertising caused by the program, or are frustrated by its effects on system performance. On the other hand, some users may wish to keep particular adware programs if their presence subsidizes the cost of a desired product or service or if they provide advertising that is useful or desired, such as ads that are competitive or complementary to what the user is looking at or searching for.




The detection reported is not a false positive. Having said, we'll draw this thread to a close.

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