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One program for two computers (одна программа на два компьютера)

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My father and I have one anti-virus, it's in my browser at the entrance to Yandex mail gets out my email. Is it possible that the antivirus synchronizes the mail, it is very necessary to find out how there are discontent that I use his computer without asking

У меня и у отца стоит один антивирусник,у него в браузере при входе на яндекс почту вылезает мой емейл.возможно ли что антивирус синхронизирует почту,очень нужно выяснить так как имеются недовольства, что я без проса пользуюсь его компьютером 

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First of all, please post in English since this is an English forum and most moderators and users won't understand if you post in another language.

As for using ESET on 2 computers, you should have a license for 2 computers in order to install and activate ESET on both. Please contact your local distributor. Unfortunately, I don't understand your question about syncing email by antivirus.

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