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Unable to clean adware

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My friend run into a problem eset can`t remove adware.

His OS: Windows 8 34-bit

ESET: ESET SMART SECURITY 7.0.302.26    DB: 9062


Also my friend want to remove "hxxp://start.qone8.com/" start page from google chrome... and eset cant remove it thats sad :(


ESET detected Logs:



eset logs.txt

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We strongly recommend uninstalling PUAs via the Control panel -> Add and remove programs so that the applications are uninstalled completely instead of the ESET scanner just deleting the binaries. Also may not be possible to clean toolbars as long as a browser is running and the toolbar files are in use.

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This toolbar like a virus he is hiding in temp folder and cant be deleted, and also we tried to delete from browser it is impossible. This pua hijacking all browser 

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