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Compliments to ESET

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I test a lot of software and have licenses for several security suites, but ESET Smart Security 7 is the only new release this year that has not given me any problems. I assume it's probably best I don't name any names, but some of the supposed top tier solutions have causes me BSODs, false positives, left me unable to send email, caused browser crashes, etc. My praise to the staff of ESET for delivering a solid product. I have spent too many hours recently installing and testing other products with promises from their support that issues have been fixed that have not been. I now have ESS on all of my machines and will be keeping it that way for the foreseeable future. Thanks to all that make it a great product and give some of the best support in the business.

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If you build it . . .  they will come. lol


In this phrase i mean; good product and followers as the comparison.

I don't work for ESET but i do my best here to help with support.


They have the best software in the industry, and their prospects are growing at an alarming rate.


I will be using their software indefinitely. Glad you are using their product Jack!


Hit us up here if you ever have any questions :)

Plethora of knowledgeable and nice, professional people as members here :)

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  • ESET Insiders

Having moved from another vendor back to Eset after 5 years, I agree with Jack 100% too. I cannot believe the difference in system speed as it's increased markedly and overall lightness of ESS.


Kudos and thanks to the team at Eset :)

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