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6.6.2064 Upgrade via ERA issues

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I have tried to deploy 6.6.2064 on a few Windows 10 computer and I am getting the same situation on all.

1. Computers do not reboot even with the option checked. (show in ERA as needing reboot, red ! on PC)

2. After rebooting click the tray icon or start menu icon do nothing. If I open C:\Pro....\Eset..\esetgui.exe (run as admin) it opens and then works, until reboot.


I have also found that if I uninstall ESET via ERA and then install 6.6.2064 it works fine and does not require a restart.

It seems odd that the built in "upgrade" by installing the latest build does not uninstall/reinstall the same as two separate jobs.


Anyone else seeing this behavior or had a successfully upgrade?

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  • ESET Staff

Could you please modify your software installation task so that custom command line parameter REBOOT_WHEN_NEEDED=1 is added to field "Installation parameters" and check whether it helped? Be aware that adding this parameter may result in system reboot even when previously mentioned checkbox was not checked.

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