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Net Neutrality


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As you may have heard, the FCC in the US is trying to get rid of the net neutrality law. What do people on here think of this?

To me, this law is important, as it means currently all data is treated the same. I do not think any ISP should be able to give better service to specific sites. In the past apparently they have tried to do this e.g. slowing down netflix while making sure their own streaming services load much quicker. This feels very anti-competitive. 

It seems that some want a normal and fast lane. However if it was cheap enough and everyone paid to be on the fast lane would it be worth it, as they wouldn't get any advantages. I can imagine it wouldn't be that cheap, and small companies who can't afford it would be hit badly. Also the extra costs sites had to pay would have to come from somewhere, so in the end the customer would end up having to pay more. 

While some people are against regulations in general, net neutrality is there to help the average person. To me the only people who will gain an advantage are the cable companies. There's also worries that without net neutrality, ISPs could even slow down political websites.

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