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potentially unwanted application


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Potentially unwanted application Win32/PriceGong.A not getting deleted by ESET. The computer which is reporting this problem is having strict clean policy for real time scan and on demand scan. i have scan pc with in depth scan with strict cleaning.

location :file:///C:/Users/AppData/Local/Temporary Internet Files/Content.IE5/800AVLTB/{5E1360DC-8FA8-40df-A8CD-FC3831B3634B}[1].cpi/3.6.12\bin\PriceGongIE.dll

Windows 7

ESET endpoint security: 6.6

Engine detection: 16444 (20171121)

Threat name: Win32/PriceGong.A


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The user is doesn't not allow me to run manual on demand scan from his PC, i'm running scan from remote ERA

below is the message action error, The scan is completed from ERA

Action error: action selection postponed until scan completion

Below is the hash value of Threat name: Win32/PriceGong.A  .  This was deleted by ESET but it keeps coming.

Is this because new cookie getting downloaded from IE when user start using IE.

Hash Value: 3e694845dc53f08ac299ca23da974c55f4b62e20




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