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False positive but not..


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7 users all received the attached notice concerning a a URL block. 5 users were on a promotion site that belongs to us. 1 was not. 6 on win7, one win10.  All run outlook 2013. these are what is common among them. 

but, eset reports the dns to the site as different then what all web searches show. yes, perhaps a quick hijack. but, what threw it off is one user was not on the same site as the others. I did DNS look ups immediately on these as they happened. The site IP shown gets 6/X on virustotal. If i go to each individual and pull up logs this "notification" does not show.. MY MYSTERY


I run eset Remote Admin. 5.5. I have NEVER been able to get logs for Firewall to show info even with logging at "all". But, even on the "threat" these notifications for these users do not show. Client are Eset Endpoint Antivirus. 5.5.


P.S. thanks Eset for always alerting me to ask toolbar but continuing to allow install. 


The V12group was purchased my V12Data, a data and markenting machine. 


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