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ESET Upgrade from 5.x to 6

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Hi Foneil ,


Thanks for your responding.


A small question, I have gone through the reference link and i think i can upgrade now from 5 to 6.

Before uninstall ERA 5 , we need to uninstall all version 5 agents ? or they will automatically get upgrade from 5 to 6 after upgrading to ERA 5 to 6?


Thanks in Advance.




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Sorry for confusion.

Currently we are having 

1. one ERA 5 server.

2. And arround 200 client ( eset end point antivirus and eset file security) those are reporting to ERA 5 server.


So i need to uninstall all 200 clients before doing upgrading from ERA 5 to 6?




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  • ESET Staff

No need for that. Once you install ERA v6 AGENTs on client machines, they will start managing those older clients. From this moment, they will stop connecting to your old ERA v5 and will be managed by your new ERA server. Security products will be fully operational even after ERA upgrade - they will be using original configuration, except specific parameters that will be forced by new ERA.

From this point, you have multiple alternatives how to proceed with upgrading security products on your client machines, including manual installation, or using "Software installation task" executed by already deployed AGENTs. I would recommend to test this in your environment before deploying on whole network as upgrade from v5 to v6 may be problematic, and it will most probably need rebooting machines.

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We are almost migrated our ERA from 5 to 6, about 800 clients in more than 20 sites. Test before migration, all possible scenarios, and impossible too. In theory all seems to be quite easy, in reality it's easy only if all clients are very similar and in ideal condition. Also consider upgrade to new server, then You can go back if something fails. We deployed virtual appliance and now I can say, this was the right decision.

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