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File Security and very fast Smart-Scan needed or Focus Realtime Protect...for the Mailserver

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  • here in germany many small companies use TOBIT DAVID as Unified Messaging System since 25 Years.  (mainly for Email & Co)
  • https://en.tobit.software/david
  • This software / email datenbase  is file based.  ESED File Security Real Time protection catches many but not all Malware.  
  • A scheduled scan of the email archive takes approx. arround 0,30-2 hours.  Do you have a Idea about a faster scan?  (but not all Mails Servers are VM and can do shared local cache...?)  
  • As far as I know, realtime Scan didn´t  check every new incomfing file = mail" 
  • Email Receiving is possible via SMTP a25 or POP3 Grabbing.   

Thx in advance!



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Real-time protection is not supposed to scan email. As for email servers, we have products for Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, Kerio and then ESET Mail Security for Linux/FreeBSD. Other mail servers are not supported.

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thx but our mail system is file based.

every mail in mailclient is on file system two pieces of files.

the function "shared local cache" is for vmware servers and not for our needs right?

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