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Disable Automatic Removable Media Scan

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Hi everybody!

I have Eset Cyber Security pro installed on my macbook pro and in other iMac. In the iMac it always asks me if i want to scan the media just added.

In the macbook, i think i have ticked that option "dont ask again", and now it scans automatically. The problem is my time machine external hdd, it takes too long because eset starts scan all the disk without ask me.

I've looked in the configs and didn't find anything. Is it possible to make it asks again?

Thanks in advance.

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I suggest two things:

  1. You can make it ask again in ECSP Preferences... > Notifications and check the box next to New Device Detected or similar (usually should be the only one unchecked). You may also need to adjust the Display Conditions next to it. If you don't remember how it should be set, you can simply click on the 'Default' button on the bottom of the window to reset the Notifications back to how it was when installed.
  2. Exclude Time Machine from ECSP completely which is recommended. You can do that in ECSP Preferences... > General > Exclusions and add the .backupdb folder inside the location where Time Machine back ups are made.
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