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License renewed - software not accepting license renewal


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I am running ESET NOD32ANTIVIRUS4 on my Win7 PC. I received a message that my license needs to be

renewed, so I purchased a new 2yr license.

After receiving the email with the username and password, I entered it in the software, hit update to get the

latest update, then I received an error message that the username and/or password are invalid.

I copy and pasted those from the email I received, still they are not accepted.

Did I miss any step? How can I update the license and stay protected?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I have a 30 day trial installed by the people who fixed what Avast paid version missed...admittedly user error played a part here.  Lost use of my computer for over a week and lost that much work...my 30 days is over at midnight, not in a position to renew.. going to put avast back on until have the funds to buy.  Some past experience with taking off antivirus programs has come to mind.  One specific question that I have is- if I do take nod 32 off, what happens to the quarantine stuff/file? of what was cleaned? is it removed as well or am I back in the soup again?  This starting over business is tricky...thanks for your help.  

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I am not 100% sure about all this, but I believe the quarantine folder is encrypted, but I am unsure if it will be left on your harddrive or removed along with the rest. If it will stay on your harddrive after the uninstall then it will still be encrypted so what's inside cannot get out so that's nothing to worry about. But if the quarantine folder will stay or be removed is not something I can give you a clear answer on personally, so wait for someone else to chime in about that. :)

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