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Eset Endpoint on MacOS 10.13/High Sierra


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While the instructions provided in KB6512 work to manually enable the System Extension for Eset, are there any plans to automate this process for new installs or upgrades from ERA?

We have 200+ computers running MacOS and the end users do not have administrative rights by default.  We'd like to be able to push out the latest version of Eset Endpoint Antivirus (6.5.432.1) from ERA as folks transition from earlier versions of MacOS and Eset, but if they're going to be prompted to do something that they don't have rights to do, then that puts us in a bit of a pickle, adding additional work and manually touching the machines.

If anyone from Eset has any knowledge on this topic, or if any community members have found a work around in the mean time, I'd love to hear.  Thank you!

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