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Trouble After Transition from Nod 32 Antivirus to Multi-Device Service Pack

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Quick background: I've been running ESET Nod 32 Antivirus on two laptops for YEARS. This year when I received the annual "software expiring" notification I opted to upgrade to the suggested ESET Multi-Device Security Pack. I downloaded, installed and activated the new ESET product on my laptop (Win 7 Pro) after realizing that the usual "behind the scenes" subscription update had not happened.

I thought all was good, but then my wife announced that her laptop (Win 10) was still reporting that Nod 32 Antivirus was kicking out warnings about its expiration -- the switchover to ESET Multi-Device Security Pack had not "populated" over to the other computer.

Downloading and installing ESET Multi-Device Security Pack did not go smoothly. The installation would get to what appeared to be its final "finalizing" screen and then hang for an hour and more. I jumped on a live chat with ESET Support (San Diego) and the Support tech took over control of my wife's laptop. I'm pretty sure she was endeavoring to remove all vestiges of the old Nod 32 before attempting fresh install of the new product. We lost connection during a re-boot into Safe Mode. I had real-world things to do at that point so did not immediately followup.

A couple of hours later I made a few calls to ESET Support and experienced varying degrees of knowledgeable assistance.

At this point the new ESET Multi-Device Security Pack appears to be running okay. BUT, somehow, during the "support takeover" session my WiFi connection was "disturbed". My wife's laptop is now connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable to the Spectrum Modem/Router. As soon as I attempt to connect to our Eero wifi mesh network, a "...encountered a problem and must shutdown" window pops open and I am done.

Yes, I realize that my problem at this point is most likely some "wifi adapter" problem, not something directly related to ESET.  But, since the problem was created while attempting to install ESET software I would, at least, start here.

I have re-booted the laptop and the Eero wifi router a number of times. The Eero wifi network is working fine for my laptop and various phones and tablets sprinkled around the house.

"Happy Wife = Happy Life" ...my wife is NOT HAPPY!  ;-(

Help! Thank you! Jim in Maine

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It is not clear from your report what application started to crash after installing ESET. You could try temporarily uninstalling it to confirm or deny that it's somehow involved in the issue.

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