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In v11 all scan results are suddenly in red text?


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I finally decided to upgrade my Windows 10 to the new Fall Creators Update and before doing so I uninstalled Eset NOD32 Antivirus version in order to prevent any potential conflicts doing the W10 update. When I concluded that everything seemed in order with the OS after the update, aside from my screen brightness going haywire, I went ahead and installed the new Eset NOD32 Antivirus version (danish UI) using the Live Installer. The installation was a succes and I went on with my daily routines. Though I've noticed something rather odd regarding v.11 and I'm wondering if this is now intended?

In any of the previous versions of NOD32, these results, that are files currently used by the OS or other programs ("kunne ikke åbne" means "could not be opened"), where not outlined in red text. For some reason, in version 11 all the results are now marked with red text in the scan logs. Is this intended or is this some sort of an error? It seems odd that all the results would suddenly be outlined in red, usually indicating a warning, when they all used to be simple black (or was it blue? I already can't remember..) text in the previous versions of NOD32. 

So yeah, in short. Is the new red text intended for all scan results, and not just absolute warnings, or is this some sort of error?



Eset red scan results.png

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53 minutes ago, Marcos said:

We are aware of it, it is likely a bug and errors opening files should be reported in blue.

Okay. I thought it looked strange so that would explain it.

Thanks for the swift reply :)

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