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Policies not applying

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Well, im having a problem trying to work woth the mirror endpoint that im trying to create.

So im trying to make an enpoint update via mirror, but i cant because it says Proxy autentication failed, seeing that i proced to unasssign this pc from the HTTP Proxy Management policies so it doesnt take the information from that policie, but no it keeps taking the information from that policy even i unassigned that pc.

Also, i put the proxy information on another policy and assign that policy to the mirror endpoint, and in the default policy (HTTP Proxy Usage) i disable proxy setting , and guess what, in the mirror server the proxy goes down because its still taking the information from the default policy.

Is there a way that the endpoiints stop taking the information from the default policy when i unassign them from that policy?

Is that a bug? 

I really need to put an end to this , but i cant advance with the default policy giving information to the endpoints even when it has 0 pcs assigned.


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Im talking about ERA v6

 The problem is that every time that i try an endpoint to update via mirror it gaves me 2 errors:

1- Proxy authentication error (Im assuming its because i have proxy information in the endpoint)

2- Server not found when i disable proxy authentication.

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I would use one policy with 2 update profiles for updates.  For information how to create dual update profiles, see https://support.eset.com/kb3621/. In the general proxy setup, there's an option to use direct connection if the proxy server is not available.

Note that if a policy is assigned to a dynamic group, settings won't be changed to defaults once a computer loses membership in that group.

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