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Hello Eset community,


this is my first post and unfortunately I didn't find a section for "Home" products licensing instead of

business. So if it's the wrong section, please excuse the circumstances.

My case is the following:

I had the luck to get an 'Eset Internet Security' Key for one computer and 2 years of validity. I entered the Key

into the program and it worked like a charm. But then I had the idea to connect the license with my "my.eset.com" account,

which I created weeks earlier for my phone.

I logged in and tried to connect but then the panel said that it is already connected to an (my.eset.com) account.

1) Is it because I already activated my Program with the key?

2) Can the previous owner of the key have in any way remote control over my computer? I mean he could see it in the web-panel.

I didn't have any computer connected to my.eset.com before and don't know the possibilities, just these with a phone connected.

However I just activated the program and a remote control over the my.eset.com panel would be really disturbing.


Sorry for my paranoia but I really would like to know something more about it.


Thanks for your attention and best regards

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