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Activation on Terminal services not working

Salva Magaz

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I'm trying to reinstall ESET Endpoint Antivirus at a customer which has new virtual sessions on a cloud server (Microsoft)

I was able to install the product but the activation keep turning for hours and not working although I mentionned the key

I have tried to make activation offline with the licence file dowloaded from Admin page but it's a .lic file and procedure ask a .lf file , then it's not working

what else can I do ?



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An offline license file can be generated via the ELA portal (ela.eset.com) but it's intended only for computers with no Internet connection.

What version of Windows Server do they use? Are proxy settings correct? Ie. if no proxy is used, it must not be set in the EFSW setup and vice-versa. Does https://edf.eset.com/edf open in a browser fine?

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I have downloaded the license file from the admin portal but it's a .lic file and the activation window ask a .lf file (even renaming it it says that the file is not valid)

Windows Server 2016 is used

the url https://edf.eset.com/edf  gives :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

-<ecp:message xmlns:ecp="hxxp://www.eset.com/2012/02/ecp">


<message>Unsupported Content-type: unknown</message>



what else can I do?

here is the license file I got


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