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Extremely slow update download speed

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Good day!

Sorry, but I haven`t found the appropriate topic for ESET SysRescue so I write here.

I am using ESET SysRescue v. (latest) for scanning my PC with Linux installed on it. Also I have purchased a license for ESET NOD23 Antivirus for Linux. The problem is, that ESET SysRescue downloading updates very slowly or it`s better say crazy slow! I have very fast internet connection, and also I have tried similar solutions from another vendors, and I haven`t had problems with updates using them. Only ESET SysRescue has so crazy slow update download speed. I have to wait 40 (fourty) minutes until it downloads 83MB update... And that happens after I enter my username and password. Sometimes updates even stop in the middle... All seen in the screenshots. Usually 50-60 kilobytes per second download speed. And after update it sometimes shows old version...




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Please wait a while until SysRescue 1.0.15 is available.  It had to be temporarily withdrawn but should be available within the next few days.

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