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Banking & Payment Protection, Chrome and Extensions

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I've noticed using Google Chrome with ESET Banking & Payment Protection prevents the user from installing extensions from the Chrome Web Store. However, any extensions previously installed on the system that are set to install with all default/future profiles are able to get through and install inside Banking & Payment protection (such as HP Network Check Launcher). Furthermore, if you sign into the Banking & Payment protection window using your Google account to sync, any existing extensions will also be installed automatically.

Is this expected behaviour? If I wish to install the 1Password extension for Banking & Payment protection via Chrome Web Store to allow logins and passwords to be filled in securely and ESET prevents me from doing so, why does it not prevent the other methods mentioned above from installing extensions?

Will we be able to install our necessary extensions into Banking & Payment protection at some point, such as Password Manager extensions?

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Support for the latest version of 1Password will be added in the next version of the BPP module which is going to be put on pre-release and probably also on release update servers next week.

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