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Licence sync with branch office server


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We first bought a licence for 50 computers to install on our main network. Server and clients are running flawlessly, product is great.

Then later we bought an upgrade for 20 more computers to install nod32 in a remote branch office. The vendor sent us a new licence file which is good for 70 clients (50+20..so far it's good.) Installed new licence on main server,  licence manager is reporting 48 active clients ou of 70 available.

Server2 is installed at remote branch and i want it to replicate to master server, to be able to admin both site from my desk. Problem is the licences don't sync. Our vendor told us a single licence file is needed to run both server. But if i install it on server2, and replicate with master server, the licence manager on server2 is reporting 70 available clients, as if the licence was never used. 


How do i manage both of my server with only this licence file? Is there a way to tell server2 to use licence file of the master server and to report the real available client number? What's the right way to do it?

I went throught the docs but didn't find this info.




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The volume is read from the license file so if you install it on the remote server managing 20 clients, it's ok that it reports 70 instead of 20 allowed clients.

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We have the same. We have 120 licenses, in a single license, but it's installed across 5 separate servers. So whilst each reports that there's 120 licenses, the totally licenses we actually use is still within our purchased allocation.

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