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ESET Endpoint Antivirus Logs DAT under eScan

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We are company and we have a lot of servers that is growing up and we are looking to read/parse your ESET scheduled Log files for our automated monitoring system, but we need your help.

We have installed a lot of servers your antivirus, we doing daily Scan that ESET Endpoint Antivirus storing logs under: 

<drive>:\ProgramData\ESET\ESET Endpoint Antivirus\Logs\eScan

in binary files with extension ".dat"

We need to read/parse that statistics/results information using C# or C++ programming language, could be any other if you haven't samples in that OOP, we can reproduct how we want and translate too.

Can you help and share to us code samples to read/parse your scheduled binary .dat files structure (We know that nothing sensitive inside no, just we need stats of scan results). As we really need that sorted as possible faster. If you can't share globaly samples, can you provide details where we can contacted.

Maybe you have any API or WMI service that we can install and use to sort out that, will be good too.

We are waiting for your response.

Thanks so much

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  • ESET Staff


If you are interested in collecting data on servers, maybe you could change the product to ESET File Security for Windows Server (EFSW) - our product intended for servers.

EFSW supports WMI (http://help.eset.com/efsw/6.5/en-US/idh_config_wmi_provider.htm) and ships with ESET Shell - command line interface (http://help.eset.com/efsw/6.5/en-US/work_eshell.htm)

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