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Can ESET detect Trojan.InstallMonster.1852?

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Hi there,

As the title of the article, today, my customer get some information about trojans with name details below on their security system, but Eset not detect or notify!



Malware Trojan.InstallMonster.1852


 So i search on many resource but no information related, i wonder if ESET can be detect this malwarre or not?

If yes, please send me some evidence or link reference! 

Thanks a lot :)

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2 minutes ago, Marcos said:

InstallMonster is not a trojan but potentially unwanted application. They have been actively trying to avoid detection by AVs for a long time.

Thanks for your response, it means if we check with customer that the feature "Detection PUA" is enable, so this InstallMonster will be can cleaned?

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Hard to say if it would be detected. As I wrote, they have been very active in evading detection. It's a PUA so even if it was present on a computer, it wouldn't pose a risk since it's not malware. If you know that it's there, you can try to uninstall it via the Control panel or remove it manually.

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