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after update problem in eset smart security

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i am facing problem after updating eset to latest version pc stuck and not boot.

i am able to uninstall with utility on kb but not able to re install fresh ESS always fail to start driver.


uninstall log.


fresh install log link




i am using administartor account even same issue.

i do not want to format my windows without reason.


i did manually check all kb post before posting here.

i am sure there is serious bug in autoupdate which not let uninstall some drivers which eset ess product need to reinstall.

as i am unable to find it because every time its stuck on starting driver and roll back action pc become hang and only in safe mode become alive again.

then only uninstall tool able to fix to pc back to current state.

but again i am not able to install eset ess at any present solution posted on web.


Please help me this issue is sudden dead i am without firewall or antivirus at present.



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any update on this issue ?

my pc is without ESS from last 24hrs.

does this means we should stay away from public update? or

does this means i must format and lost lots stuff of my winxp sp3 ?

eset coder please specify why your product not able to update on some pc and windows?

what reason STARTING service failing?

what reason this not even let reinstall after full uninstall?

plz rply.

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I am not official eset response but i can start helping a little.

First, after examining uninstall log. Everything looks ok.

(After such . . . Huge demand on troubleshooting eset and install uninstall multiple times, moving files ...)

I personally would run chkdsk to clean up my indexes and check for remnants causing error.

I looked at Install log and i found . . .

Info 1921.Service 'ESET Service' (ekrn) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to stop system services.

Start also.

So although truth is you cannot alter or start stop these services manually using a user account, the SYSTEM account may have permissions incorrect throughout c: and registry. Or whatever local account eset uses.

This may be too hard for average user to repair. I would suggest os reinstall after backing up data.

As a repair option . . . Syseternals the Mark Russovich ones has an ACL repair util.

But wait, before all that, have you checked your system for major rootkits or other malware with a few databases from other lesser companies ? Haha...

Try scanning system with TDSS by Kaspersky

Hitman Pro by Surfright

Malwarebytes by same

Proceed to ESET's Online scanner for full scan.

If nothing is found i would suspect system issues. At that point wait for official ESET response before proceeding to a drastic windows reinstall. :)

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After running the Uninstall tool in safe mode, you cannot receive the error "Service 'ESET Service' (ekrn) could not be stopped." during installation because ekrn.exe is removed by the tool along with all other ESS files.

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