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Can't manage Remote Desktop Services with ESET File Server Security installed

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I have installed Windows Server 2016 Standard Evaluation machine as a test server for Remote Desktop Services. Everything was ok and after I installed ESET File Server Security trial I can no longer manage Remote Desktop Services, I get "A remote desktop services deployment does not exist in the server pool...". If I uninstall ESET File Server Security I can manage it again. Is this a bug or what?


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Does disabling any of the following make a difference?

- Automatic start of real-time protection followed by a reboot.
- Disabling HIPS followed by a reboot.
- Disabling protocol filtering in the advanced setup.

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Ok I figured out what settings causes this. Sorry for not describing it better in my first post, I kinda forgot what settings I changed in eset when I installed it (it was 2 weeks ago). What causes this problem is that I setup web page filtering to block "*". I just noticed that Remote Desktop Services in Server Manager uses local IIS installation and that setting was blocking it. But now I have trouble excluding localhost from filtering, even if I enter "*" in list of excluded locations, it still blocks it

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It doesn't work even if I use * there. It doesn't even work if I put some other url there and try to enter it in Internet Explorer, Eset still blocks it. I don't know how it is called in english, but this is what I'm talking about. I put * in "Lista zablokowanych adresów" and then in "Lista adresów wyłączonych ze sprawdzania" I put

"local ip address"
"local fqdn"

I will try to install english version tomorrow, it will be easier to know what we are talking about.


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