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ESET Internet Security 11 Review Results

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By my mentioning verifying samples as I suggested above a few times, providing hashes is one method. For these amateur "tests" the tester can use free tools such as PeStudio which will provide "File Indicators" among other information per sample as well which can be done in the video with a simple screen shot of each file, of course like the hashes, will take a little time if they are trying to push through 200 to 300 samples or better of clustered sample packs. Vendors not only need access to samples to verify, but samples missed need submitted to be analyzed and processed as well.  


I guess if the company is ok with their user base being "Worried" about these "test" results, to the point of removing the product thinking it is defective due to these misguiding methods/tests, then there is no point in users like myself trying to point out that they are flawed beyond belief the way they are represented. I have nothing more to say in this thread then. 

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23 hours ago, illumination said:

1) I did not say you were banned, I said you left after being told you could not advertise there any more. Do you deny spamming the forum with profile statuses and post asking how to quickly build your youtube channel with followers? Do you deny asking the other youtubers how to get built up quickly, do you deny discussing with a staff member possibilities of making money from the channel that you learned of from another youtuber. Do keep in mind, I was a staff member there when all this took place. 

2) Both Malshare and Hybrid analysis only provide single samples not sample packs of 300 or 400 or 1000. Are you telling me you take the time to individually download each sample and build those massive packs that way. I should mention Virussign comes in pre-packed sample packs. 

3)So you believe pouring salt on an ax wound is better then trying to heal the issue? It is ok to misinform others because others are doing it? 

4) I never once stated you did not like Eset, nor did I state you tried to make it look bad or any other statement you may try to use to justify, re-read the above messages again. 

I am no longer a member of that forum myself, because I stood up to many that misinform users, it is wrong period. It is not a matter of liking you or not liking you, as I do not personally know you, but I know what your videos represent, and that, I do not like. 


Now before this thread becomes a book of back and forth banter, if you wish to speak to me some more on this subject, you are welcome to personal message me. 

I said I was leaving but I got a notification from this post so I may as well reply.

1) I deny "spamming" because I wasn't in trouble for posting status updates or for creating threads for the videos. I also did ask for some tips on growth - like every small Youtuber does at some point (you won't understand fully until you do Youtube yourself). I have no idea where the staff member possibilities of making money thing came from because I honestly never remember doing that. I didn't enable monetization or set up affiliate links until after I left MT I believe (or towards the very end of my time at MT).

2) Yes I download a decent number of samples from Hybrid Analysis & Malshare (individually yes) & combine them with a pack (NOT from Virussign). There are multiple services that offer pre-packed samples - Virussign is one of the worst ones due to it's high FP rate. The service I use doesn't contain false positives & it does contain new variants of previous Ransomware files for example (some of which aren't even uploaded to VT at the time of making videos). The service I use seems to create packs of malware from a group of people who submit new variants of samples & then makes packs with around 100 samples in.

3) No it's not ok to misinform users, but the point is that in a way all tests are misinforming users - take a look at the 100% scores on AVTest or AVComparatives & that's misinforming users much more than I am. People need to accept that a 100% score in a test doesn't carry to the real world.

4) Several people here have brought statements out of thin air which are completely false. One of which is that I use Virussign for packs (which I don't & you seem to be ignoring me) & another is that I thought this was a bad result, etc - which it isn't particularly. 

Since this seriously will be the last message I hope you can believe me when I state that I am not using Virussign for packs & that I am not trying to misinform users. I get requests to test these products, I myself am not even interested in creating these video tests or testing products like this whatsoever. At this point in time I am literally just making these tests to keep people happy. I also accept that there are things I could do better, but I seriously don't want to be wasting any more of my time than I already am.

As for Youtube traffic (which you mentioned in one of your earlier posts) I really don't care for traffic atm & I have actually deleted over 40 videos & made 34 videos private because I was unhappy with the age + quality of those videos. If you do not believe me then here is an example screenshot of just a few (please see attached). My point being that I've made some of my higher viewed videos private & I've even deleted some of the highest earning videos (for ad revenue). If I was in it for the money then I would never have made this change & my ad revenue would be over £30 a month higher.

I am considering deleting the channel completely or just not making AV test based videos anymore & have been for a while before this thread appeared. Thank you for all the feedback.




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