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We cannot remove NOD32 4.0 (Windows Installer error, DLL needed)? How can we remove it?


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We are desperate with this.

We have an old computer that normally was used to print labels, but finally, we have will use it also to browse the internet sometimes. This computer has a demo of NOD32 4.0 installed.

Now, we want to purchase the newest version of NOD32 but the problem is we cannot do this, because we cannot remove NOD32 4.0

When we try to remove it, it says that there is an error with the Windows Installer and it needs a DLL, hence, cannot uninstall it. Well I think it has already the DLL but the error message says it cannot run this DLL.

It doesn't specify what kind of DLL? or what kind of error?

It says that occured an error with a Windows Installer package, that a DLL library was not able to run as a part of this installation, and that I ask for technical support.

Our NOD32 4.0 is in spanish, I know this is an english forum but I am attaching you a screenshot, so perhaps you could have any clue about what is happening here?

How can we remove it?



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DLL i.e. Dynamic Link Library files are used to run any application on the windows. If any DLL file gets corrupted or faulty then all the related application programs will also get faulty and whenever you run these applications then it start displaying dll related errors. To fix NoD32 4.0 apply any dll error repair tool and make your computer fast. 


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Hi Jack, thanks for your post, however its a 3 month old query.

The Uninstaller from Safe mode was the best suggestion given by Marcos.


Request to have link removed. 'dll error repair tool'

Phishing site.

Downloader site flagged as malicious through virustotal.


Attempting to download the program mentioned locks up my browser and never completes. I theorize its ESET not letting it through, however i had no alert.

Browsed a few other programs including links and its full of malware and pua's like conduit.

Example : h t t p:// w ww.soft ware download centre.com/ software/ outlook-pst-repair . php

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