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How to remove .asasin Ransomware ?


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Hi all,

Yesterday one of our PC was attaked by .asasin ransomware. The Eset Endpoint did not detect anything. when I look for ".asisin" in this forum I can not find anything. is mean that it is not discovered by ESET ?




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Files were encrypted by Filecoder.Locky. Unfortunately, decryption is not possible but we recommend keeping encrypted files in case that it will be possible in the future.

According to the screen shot, you have ESET Endpoint Antivirus v5 installed. Without further logs and export of the configuration, it's impossible to tell what happened.

Generally we strongly recommend:

- upgrading to the latest version (Endpoint v6.6)
- enabling all protection features, including LiveGrid and Advanced heuristics on execution in the real-time protection setup
- securing RDP
- protecting settings with a password
- enabling detection of potentially unsafe applications.

Last but not least, back up important data on a regular basis and practice safe computing.

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