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ESET error causes keyboard and network connection unavailable


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System: Windows 7

The first error prompted the absence of system drive file edevmon.sys, unable to start Windows 7.


Finally using the last successful configuration to successfully start windows 7 and download a new edevmon.sys file from hxxp://ftp.nod.sk/~randziak/Edevmon.zip using my phone.

ESET can not start, the keyboard can not be used, and can not connect to the Internet.



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If you have Device Control integrated (it is not by default), then edevmon.sys must exist on the disk where it's installed during install, otherwise the computer won't boot even in safe mode if the driver was not properly unregistered from the registry. For instance, this could happen if one removes ESET in safe mode by deleting the files only.

As for the linked driver, I have no clue what it's supposed to fix nor what version it was intended for. You should not replace drivers unless you are instructed by support to do so.

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20 minutes ago, Marcos said:



But I did not try to delete eset, the accident is a system restart after the emergence of.

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