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Question for Eset - Malware in firmware: how to exploit a false sense of security


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Someone asked me a question on how Eset protects against this for UEFI BIOS and what component does so. Any tech references for this would be greatly appreciated.


Concerned with the security of our users, ESET includes an additional protection layer against UEFI bootkits. The advantage in this case is that our suite is able to scan the UEFI-enabled firmware without resorting to additional tools that may pose risks to the system. Therefore, it becomes much more user-friendly for regular users to scan their computer for stealth malware in firmware.


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5 hours ago, Peter Randziak said:

Hello ITman,

v.11 has UEFI scanner included so this is our response on this kind of threats.

Regards, P.R.

Thanks for the response Peter. Please update this thread with additional details on this protection as they become available.

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reminds me of the talk Cylance gave in VB conf this year: https://www.virusbulletin.com/conference/vb2017/abstracts/have-you-scanned-your-bios-recently


Plus this blog post, worth reading: https://www.cylance.com/en_us/blog/black-hat-vegas-where-the-guardians-of-the-bios-are-failing.html

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