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Upgrading clients to 6.6 not working in the policy, some clients missing too?

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I have a couple of things going on here i believe..

For instance.. i have several 6.2 clients out there that arent getting the task to update to the 6.6 client (i just replaced the old file with the new one and created a new task to push this to "workstations" asap)..

Even on those machines, though, i can see they are set in the tools... proxy to point at the eset remote admin server..

On the one of the machines.. i cant even find the machine workstation name in the eset remote admin tree anywhere, which is odd (i verified they had the agent installed as well, which is an older agent, unsure if the agents need updated ever or how that part is supposed to work)..


Any thoughts or suggestions?


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  • ESET Staff

Could you be more precise of how you configured upgrade task? You mentioned that one od machines is not even visible in console, so I am not sure how you actually planned task to be executed there.

Regarding either not responding or missing AGENT, I would recommend to check:

  • AGENT status.html log (see troubleshooting documentation) on problematic client machine with focus for any connection related error
  • In case AGENT are connecting to ERA through PROXY, check also status.html logs of PROXY itself. It is crucial that PROXY is connecting to ERA. IT may be also easier to check whether other clients using this specific PROXY are working correctly.

In case you are not able to find machine in ERA, it is probable that it was not connecting for a longer time and task removed it (if you have it configured this way), or machine is present in ERA console with different name. Device names in console are not dynamically changing with network changes (hostname change) and so device is using initial name. This may be changed by using "Rename computers" task. Have you also tried to search for machine by it's IP address?

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