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Clients version 6.2 through 6.6 cause high disk load % utilization on windows 10 startups?

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On our domain we run version 6.2 through 6.6 of the client which gets distributed through the remote admin tool on the server.

Several users report after rebooting that disk utilization sky rockets on logging in and stays that way for at least 10-15 mins.. disabling the AV doesnt help when it has already occurred.

Is there a known issue or work around to this?

The client machine is windows 10 1703 x64.

Thanks in advance

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33 minutes ago, pps said:

In one same case I disable all System startup file check, from Tools -> Scheduler.

But this is a workaround and not a real solution.

Startup scans are run when the system starts and after a module update. Because of that, if you are experiencing perpetual disk utilization, it shouldn't be caused by startup scans. Please provide us with a Procmon log from time when the issue occurs for further investigation.

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