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Eset installation was not completed succussfully


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I have just installed Windows 10(new SSD,s everything clean). Didn't installing anything but windows updates etc. No other AV except Windows Defender.

When using both live and offline installer after downloading and choosing folders etc, during installation part it stops and says:
The installation was not completed successfully.
This may be a result of malware activity. To check the system for potential threats it is recommended to run a Specialized Cleaner.
Error code: MSI.1923

Doesn't work for both custom and default folder.
First instance of installing did work and started creating a bunch of files but in a wrong folder so I canceled it and changed folder. After that it never create more than HELP folder.
Specialized Cleaner and other software found on ESET forums did not detect any AV and threats/malware.
Specialized Cleaner sometimes work all the way and tells it didn't find anything and sometimes stops in the middle of searching.

Running out of ideas what to do, might simply reinstall windows 10 all together as it's still pretty much clean.
Attached a capture of the error.


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