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Report Eset module enabled

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I'm currently looking for how to create a report that list eset module enabled on all computer.

I would like to check if device control is enabled but the template report doesn't allow that.

If you have an idea how to do it will be very helpfull!

Thanks in advance




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  • ESET Staff

Hello @maxH

As of now, this is not possible in a straightforward way (feature = Device Control, status = OK / Enabled)

Out of curiosity, what is the use case you are trying to achieve?  Why you want to have such report?

As a workaround I would suggest doing it in a way, that you:

  1. Create a dedicated policy, that enables "Device Control" with a specific name "DEVICE CONTROL"
  2. Then you create a report template, showing computers with a specific policy applied (you need to combine Computer name, Policy, Policy Name, and Policy status fields)
  3. You filter out, the policy status = actual, and policy name as the "Device Control" policy.

That should tell you the list of computers, that have DC enabled, by the means of the policy.


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Hi @MichalJ


Thanks for your answer, in fact i would like to know if the module is enabled because we still have another device control software installed, and we want to be sure Eset device control is enabled on all machine before uninstalling the third party software.

But your workaround seems to be good, and relevant, I will do that.

Thanks again for your quick answer.



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