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List of Blocked Web Addresses & JDownloader


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I had been using a free and open source internet file downloading management tool "JDownloader" for many years. Not until recently, I find that ESET NOD32 antivirus is blocking the JDownloader official site's updated software download(hxxp://jdownloader.org/dl?v=101) and display a warning message saying the URL is in the "List of Blocked Addresses".

No idea on when and why JDownloader's URL had been included in NOD32's blocked address list? So, I proceed to NOD32 Antivirus "Advanced Setup --> Web Access Protection --> URL Address Management --> List of Blocked Address --> Edit" but find not thing is shown. When using "Search" feature within the "Edit" with JDownloader's web addresses nothing comes out. It seems to me that so call "Edit" may only allow you to "Add" web addresses into the block list instead of really do any editing.

So far, I didn't see any negative warning about JDownloader and their web site on the internet. Does anyone know how and based on what the "List of Blocked Web Addresses" is created by ESET and included JDownloader download server as dangerous source for downloading their software?

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The website doesn't appear to be blocked. Please report the block to ESET as per the instructions in the FAQ section at the right-hand side of this forum. Since this forum does not serve as a channel for reporting url blocks, we'll draw this topic to a close.

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