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Update Server configuration after installation


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I've installed ESET Server and Console, and created an installation package. The installation was distributed in ActiveDirectory and successfully installed. After that I've figured out that server does not automatically ditributed updates, it has to be configured. So I configured it, but I'd like to know how can I distribute new configuration in my organization. Do I have to reinstall the pachage or I can send new configuration to clients?

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This should be placed into the RA or File security section for server.

Please standby for assistance rafal, and thank you for posting :)


Few questions for you :

Are you trying to distribute virus signature updates to the client computers ?

The ESET RA console should help you with all that you need. . .

Are you maybe trying to distribute different settings ? This can be done by xml export import. Group policy may help you with this . . .

Im not to sure how ESET works with AD, but im sure someone will provide assistance :)

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If the clients were configured to report to ERAS, you can simply edit the policy that will be subsequently fetched by clients. Otherwise you'll need to reinstall the ESET product on clients using a proper configuration.

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