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Just got a notice to update from to and after download I get a notice of a corrupted file.  Does not install.  I have Windows 10 64bit.  Any ideas?  KOR- 

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1 hour ago, KOR said:

This update has been removed and so perhaps it was a glitch.  KOR-

I just downloaded version as a pre-release update and have had no problems.

Sorry I missed your post as I started a new thread.


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Win 10 Home x64 All Latest Updates from Microsoft

ESET update has caused Real Time File System Protection to remain "Red" (disabled) even though all of the settings are still "checked" inside of Advanced Settings. Is this related to the corrupt file? If not I will gladly make a new thread, if necessary..

As a side note, Windows Defender/Firewall has activated itself now as well - I suppose it isn't noticing ESET now? This is likely related, I assume..

Repair install is fine until I update again to

P.S. What was that corrupt file? Can we get some more info for future reference, please?

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