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Eset console machine block port 2223 to himself

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Hi guys,

I use Eset remote Administrator 6 and i test with few computers last month, all work really great.


Then last friday e extend the installation to more machines and nothing happen on the console. 

The agent it's fine i go to openELA and the license is attributed but in the console don't get any change.

So i go after the problem and i see this:                  "the name of the machine here is the eset console":xxxxx


So this mean that is communicate only to himself


Someone have this problem and solve it or know the resolution to this problem ?

If i force the port to be open in the IP of the set server will work? it will be worst?



Bruno Neves


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Do you have Endpoint v5 or v6 installed?  Where do you see "  "the name of the machine here is the eset console":xxxxx" ?

Does status.html show any issues?

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I have the version 6.5.522.0 of ESET Remote Administrator and 6.6.2046.0 of ESET Endpoint Antivirus.

I see that on cmd after a use the netstat command.


Meanwhile i resolve the problem :)

So i configure the machine with the name ESETMANAGEMENT and the server was working.

After sometime for some reason i change the name to ESETConsole and was that what ruin my console.

Probably the querys of sql crash because the name of the machine change and sql can't resolve that new name.


(i think you can close the topic)

Sorry for take your time and thanks for helpfulness,

Bruno Neves

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