ESET Smart Security Repeatedly Autoscanning USB Drive

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Several times each day, it seems that ESET Smart Security re-scans the USB Flash (thumb) drive that is attached to my system.  I'm not sure if ESET is causing the drive to be disconnected prior to or after the scan, or if that is something my system is doing, to which ESET may be only responding to the drive insertion.  

Bottom line, what I'm asking is there anything ESET Smart Security may be doing to periodically re-scan attached USB Flash drives?  Or, is that something that would have to be initiated by device removal/insertion?

I'm using ESET Smart Security, version 10, with all the latest updates & valid license on Windows 7 Pro.

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Open the advanced setup, navigate to Antivirus -> Removable media and make sure that "Show scan options" is selected. If you have "Automatic device scan" selected, removable media will be scanned automatically when you insert or attach them to your computer.

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