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Main Windows account is not accessible after recovering my PC

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While trying to discover ESET Anti-Theft feature, I'd reported "My device is missing". A phantom account was created. But when I recovered my PC, the main accounts are not accessible anymore. It shows only the phantom account in the logon window. 

I tried to search for a solution, the PC was recovered 2 hours ago with no avail. 

I'm writing right now from the phantom account!!


Please help me to resolve this issue.




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Hold down the windows key + R on the keyboard to get to the run command and type: cmd >> enter 

for the command prompt. From the command prompt type >> shutdown /l and enter. 

From your Windows 10 login screen. do you now see your main windows login? 


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Thank you tmuster2k for your suggestion. 

Finally, I got my accounts back although the system didn't shutdown after typing the command (super fast) but when I returned back to logon windows, my accounts were there. 

Thanks again... 

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