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A New Player Joins Coinhive on the Browser Cryptojacking Scene



The browser cryptojacking scene has just expanded from one player to two with the recent launch of the Crypto-Loot service, a website that's eerily similar to the now notorious Coinhive in-browser miner.

The two services are identical, and both provide a simple JavaScript file that website owners can load on their sites to mine Monero using their site visitors' CPU power.

While both services allow website owners to keep the Monero funds mined on users' computers, there is a big difference in the revenue share. Compared to Coinhive, which keeps 30% and gives 70% to site operators, the upstart Crypto-Loot is trying to pull the rug from under Coinhive's feet by asking for only 12% and giving website owners 88%.


Ref.: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/a-new-player-joins-coinhive-on-the-browser-cryptojacking-scene/

Eset has you covered:)


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31 minutes ago, RiP said:

Why doesn't ESET block Coinhive script? it explodes CPU :mellow:

See this thread: https://forum.eset.com/topic/13763-techno-inferno-forums-crypto-currency/

At this point, it appears Coin Hive has found a way around the ad blockers and URL blocking.

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