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Which component is actually controlling the PAC.?

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Hi all:

I have a server(RHEL7) with  ESET File Security 4.5.7 running on it, under an ERA 6.5 control.


For PAC,  no Folder is specified on ERA right now  (Please kindly find the attachment1.jpg)

On Web interface of client, I set the “/tmp” for PAC, save the change, apply the change (Please kindly find the attachment2.jpg)


But when I refer to “esets.cfg” of the client I found the “ctl_incl” is still blank in [pac] section, which might means No directory is include for PAC.


# Settings for ESETS Preload library based file Access Controler module.

# event_mask = "mask"

# The mask of (open, create, exec) events you wish to guard.

#event_mask = "open:create:exec"

# ctl_incl = "directory"

# Colon separated list of directories to scan files in.

#ctl_incl = ""


So to all expert here , do you have any idea that which component is actually controlling the PAC ?

The ERA server/ Web interface of client /or esets.cfg on local?  Thanks~



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